Project Management

Initiation and Planning

In the initiation phase of your renovation or construction project,  we work with you and your team to determine the feasibility of your project. For example, is the project location ideal? Can we work within the allocated budget? If not, what are some things we can change? This is a crucial stage of the whole process, since it can indicate the most efficient and cost-effective way of carrying out your project. If necessary, we conduct a feasibility study, and based on its results, we issue a recommended solution or plan and create a project initiation document.

Once the project is approved, we move onto the planning phase. In this phase, we break down the larger project into smaller tasks, build your team, and prepare a schedule for the completion of assignments. During this phase, we work together to create smaller goals within the larger project, making sure each is achievable within the time frame. Smaller goals tend to have a high potential for success and we consider this in every aspect of our project management approach. Work with us to see that your renovation or construction goals are met. 

Execution and Closure

You’ve received business approval, developed a plan, and built your team. Now, let us help you execute your construction or renovation project. During this phase, your plan turns into action. Our job in this phase of project management is to keep work on track, organize team members, manage timelines, and make sure the work is done according to the original plan.

Once your team has completed work on a project, we enter the closure phase. In the closure phase, we’ll provide you with final deliverables, release project resources, and determine the success of the project. Just because the major project work is over, that doesn’t mean our role in project management is done—there are still important things to do, including evaluating what did and did not work with the project. We don’t believe our job is complete until we provide you with the assurance you need to move forward!

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