Home Renovations

Maybe you’ve just purchased an old Penticton fixer-upper, or you’ve spent some years in your aging home and it’s finally time to give it the overhaul it deserves. Home renovations give you the opportunity to optimize the layout—to add the comfort, style and features that will allow you and your family to really love where you live.

This is the time to bring all the important house systems up to modern standards to make it safe and sound. Foundations, structure, roofing, exterior walls, windows, doors, insulation, heating and cooling, plumbing and electrical, flooring and interior finishes are all part of a total home renovation. 

You want to make the kitchen, bathrooms, and entertaining, and family and private spaces throughout the house work for you. At the same time, you can improve energy efficiency and indoor air quality, elevate the curb appeal and make the backyard space a functional, beautiful extension of your living space.

Our team has the expertise and experience to help you plan and execute a high-quality full remodeling of your home—from top to bottom. Let’s talk about making your home amazing!    

Commercial Renovations

Renovating a commercial space is unquestionably a cost effective alternative to buying a new one! From large-scale commercial renovations to cost effective leasehold improvements or updating an office space, we will work with you to create the overall design and functionality to ensure your business will operate at its highest potential. 

Once you find an existing space that meets your general size requirements, let Grand Irish Construction help you customize your commercial property into a thriving business or accommodation that surpasses your expectations. 

Project Gallery

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